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Welcome to Quim Rock, a Lovers’ Lane for all who live to connect on a vaginal wavelength…

This platform is an open soap-box for self-identified experts (aka YOU) who use their first-hand knowledge to grow the conversation, shoo away the stigmas around vaginal everything, and ask questions bravely, secure in the knowledge that only #youknow.

It’s okay if you don’t have a PhD in women’s studies, or don’t really believe the physics of menstrual cups. It’s fine if you love threesomes, don’t trim your bush, masturbate every hour on the hour, or can’t find your libido just this second.

Regardless of your relationship with your vagina or your sexuality, we think it’s important to remember that you are actually the number one living expert on living in your body and— if you ask us— that makes you pretty darn qualified to have opinions on your wellness journey.

Meet us on Quim Rock for all your vag-forward talk. We’re here to connect, amplify your stories (or take your secrets with us to the grave), learn stuff and live our #cliteral truth… It’s too easy to forget what magic we are, so let this be a place we visit to remember. #Youknow

Cultivating Big Vagina Energy

So multitudinous are the vagina’s luxury features, one could be forgiven for forgetting a few. Sex ed was a lot of info at once! Listen, I was obsessed with my new and extra perky boobs and I couldn’t learn everything! Risk-averse as I am, I memorized all the tragic fates that might befall my as-yet-untouched […]


Self-care: my favorite way to justify a mid-morning nap, a late flake on social plans, or my monthly Lyft bill (ok, I agree, that was pushing it). Sometimes it just sounds like a euphemism for masturbating. Whether or not you use the term or concept, you may have noticed it trending on social, becoming increasingly […]