Night Moves

Intimate Oil

Night Moves Intimate Oil is a cannabis-infused oil designed to intensify sensation and increase libido, while supporting a proactive vaginal health routine.

    • THC
    • Sexy Time
    • Proactive Health


    How To Use:
    Apply wherever you’re looking to enhance sensation. For best results,
    apply 20 minutes before play time, game time, or you time.*

    8-10 pumps should get you where you want to be 😉

    50ML / 1.7 FL OZ (350MG Total THC)

    MCT Oil, Cannabis, Tea Tree Oil, Damiana

    *Test on a small patch of exposed skin, before applying to your quim. We recommend consulting your physician before using while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Manufactured by Inanna – C12-0000340-LIC

    • Cannabis (THC)

      Is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It has been shown to alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, and relax the pelvic floor.

    • Damiana

      A plant that has been known for its aphrodisiac properties whose use dates back to Mayan civilization. It has been used to help increase sexual arousal and stamina, increase the frequency of orgasms, and reduce vaginal dryness.

    • Tea Tree

      An essential oil that has been applied topically for hundreds of years. Think of it as mother nature’s anti-fungal and antiseptic (helps keep those UTIs and yeast infections at bay).

    • "It was like spreading my legs on the beach and letting my lady bits bask in the sun."
    What They're Sayin About Quim◦

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    I have PCOS, and with my hormones running especially rampant this last year, I’ve struggled with arousal for the first time in my life. Quim has been amazing for those days when my libido needs a boost, or I’m feeling a little irritated or sensitive down there, or just having trouble tuning in to my body. I even use it outside of sex whenever I need a little soothing or protection. I tried a certain other brand (rhymes with Gloria) and it did nothing for me. I love Night Moves.

    The best

    This stuff is awesome- it helps keep things moving, the oil retains heat like a beautiful massage oil, it smells deliciously herbal and terpy, and I’ve even felt a mild body high from using it with penetrative sex. Cannot recommend more!

    Kate A.
    Love love love

    Night moves gets me out of my head and into my body every time! Sometimes I have a hard time relaxing during sex and this lube definitely helps me. Taking the extra moment to use night moves feels like self care and it also creates some built in foreplay time :) love love love! Thank you Quim 🙏🙏🙏

    • Why weed in my quim?

      Cannabis absorbed vaginally has been shown to increase blood flow-enhancing sensation and increasing sex drive. It has also been shown to decrease coitus-related vaginal pain.

    • What’s up with tea tree?

      Tea tree is mother nature’s anti-fungal and antiseptic (keeps those UTIs and yeast infections away).

    • What is damiana?

      A plant with known aphrodisiac properties, damiana has been used to increase sexual arousal and the frequency of orgasms, as well as reduce vaginal dryness.

    • Not latex-safe?

      MCT oil—like all oils—breaks down latex, increasing the likelihood of condom breakage. If you use condoms, we recommend trying our Oh YES! Latex-Safe Serum.

    • Is Night Moves Intimate Oil just for sex?

      Nope! While our Intimate Oil does have amazing benefits for your sex life, it also serves as a proactive vaginal health supplement. Night Moves is the perfect addition to your evening skincare routine. When you think about it, why haven’t we incorporated one of the most intimate parts of our body into our self-care practice?!