It’s not just chapped lips and cracked skin, winter can also have a big impact on our libido.

For starters, the winter’s lack of sunlight—and thus vitamin D—can take a toll on our bodies in more ways than one. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is linked to this decreased daylight and affects over 10% of the population. Even in people without documented S.A.D., it’s common for libido to be lower as energy levels in general dip this season.

Additionally, the colder weather not only makes us less interested in stripping down, but it can also cause real fatigue that makes sex tiring and even uncomfortable. It’s not just the weather that’s got you down, either.

Testosterone levels start to fall from peaking in the fall and estrogen levels are typically at their lowest in winter (for folks not on hormonal birth control), causing difficulty in both getting turned on at all and reaching orgasm.

If that wasn’t enough, tiring family gatherings and a prolonged increase in alcohol intake can cause lasting mental stress on top of these physical and hormonal shifts.


While things like light therapy lamps and vitamin D supplements can help you find balance in the winter months, don’t despair if you notice your libido dwindling—you’re not alone!

On the plus side, all that time inside can lead to even more time between the sheets 😉