SQUIRTING 101 - Quim


Squirting is a colloquial term used to describe when a person with a vulva releases fluid from the urethra or vulva area during arousal. While some components of urine have been found in squirt, experts disagree on whether it should be defined as pee, ejaculate, a combination, or something else. Some people report the sensation of squirting to be similar to having an orgasm, while others say that the two feel completely different.

Just like not everyone experiences orgasm, not everyone squirts. ​​Some studies estimate that anywhere from 10-54% of people with vaginas have experienced squirting.

The terms “squirting” and “ejaculation” are often used interchangeably for people with vaginas, but that isn’t necessarily accurate. Recent research and many experts now lean towards the two being distinct phenomena, associated with different types and volumes of secretions. Squirting, it seems, is not necessarily connected to orgasm, but can include fluids classified as ejaculate.

One reason why there is still so much left unknown about squirting—clinically and culturally—is the well-documented lack of research on pleasure for people with vaginas, coupled with the stigma and censorship of these discussions. Additionally complicating our understanding, pornography tends to exaggerate… well, everything. These scenes create the impression that squirting always involves large amounts of fluid. The reality is that it’s different for everyone, and small amounts of fluid are normal.

lower half of person with vagina in water

While there’s no surefire way to induce squirting, you can increase your chances of a mindblowing orgasm by:

– pairing internal and external stimulation,
– strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal wall muscles,
– and using lots of lube, of course 😉

Whether you squirt, ejaculate, orgasm, or do none (or all!) of the above, you’re totally normal and we’re here to support you. We believe that happy vaginas make for better, more intimate sex, and our plant-based formulas are designed to make vaginas happy.

Go ahead and get satisfied your way. Your body, your pleasure, your rules. #YouKnow